Kathleen Kelly Artisan




As a professional interior designer for over 30 years, I have pursued my vocation  and affinity for combining color, material and texture in both architectural design practices and international companies in a number of high profile and fascinating projects. Now, as an artisan, I have focused these skills into making things with my hands, creating  objects and art to wear, as well as environments.


This additional new direction stems from a personal realization that we need more beauty in our culture at this particular time in history. I have come to be convinced through my travels, that craft outside the United States  is embraced as intrinsic and essential, and often viewed as a form of national treasure. I have come to believe that an eye for craft is vital  because it is primordial.  I find myself moving more towards simpler and direct truths.

The extraordinary  and diverse  influence of culture and craft experienced during my journeys over the years to India, Japan, Korea, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Myanmar , Morocco and Europe,  have intensified my design explorations. Seeing  this devotion and respect for craft in these far away settings gives me hope for the positive influences they have. My one of a kind, handmade, unique  women’s headwear, men’s ties, ornaments and accessories are offered to celebrate  these indigenous cultures where gift-giving through works by hand is truly from the heart. This is joyful work!

Further insight into the exploration of  beauty in nature, with its inherent  forms, shapes and color provides me with guidance.  I love the coupling with my affinities as a designer of environments.

My resulting  craft is a distillation of quiet exuberance. Each work is an assemblage or a focus of uniquely configured materials, color  and textures, including hand woven textiles and fabrics, sheer  and satin ribbon, natural feathers, handcrafted birds, silk leaves and natural twigs and branches which have become vestiges of my explorations in these designs. I invite you to partake and join in this joy.